Write for us

The City Columnist is an independent publication based in Los Angeles, CA that focuses on providing a truthful source of news.

The City Columnist focuses its writings on five main categories: breaking news, politics, sports, advice, and humor. We are seeking an energetic, detail-oriented breaking news journalist who is able to write professionally, clearly, and captively, covering breaking news throughout Los Angeles. You will have the opportunity to work alongside LAFD, LAPD, and other officials at major incidents to capture the news and deliver the story to the public.

This is a flexible, contract position that will work with you to broaden your portfolio and add credibility to your name. We have no expectations of you to work from 9-5 every day but we do want to see 2-3 well-produced articles each week, and we will provide you with the resources you need to do so.

We offer a very generous revenue split based on the views that your articles generate.


  • Develop time-relevant, and engaging articles through investigative journalism
  • Develop and use provided story leads
  • Interview key witnesses either in person or over the phone
  • Photograph key locations throughout Los Angeles
  • Produce social media content


  • Pursuing a degree, having a degree, or being well proficient in Journalism, English, or another relevant field
  • Be a detailed, captivating writer
  • Basic experience with photography/videography
  • Excellent communication and ability to meet deadlines
  • Reliable transportation to/from incident scenes
  • Flexible w/ schedule to cover breaking news incidents
  • Experience w/ WordPress is a plus


  • Generous revenue-share split based on content engagement and views
  • Access to both proprietary and public databases to assist with investigative journalism
  • Press credentials to get you unrestricted access to scenes beyond police lines


How much time do you see yourself able to contribute to The City Columnist?
Only one is required.
Pitch your best articles, you can use as many or as few words as you would like.
Either paste an example of your best work, or a link to your portfolio.