LA311, 5,000 Reports of Homeless Encampments Monthly

Since April of 2013, Los Angeles has offered citizens a unique way to connect with the city. MyLA311 allows citizens to submit service requests for tasks such as potholes or graffiti without the need of waiting in a phone queue.

The top categories of tasks submitted either by Phone, City Employees, or the MyLA311 mobile app, in order are illegal dumping/item pickup, graffiti removal, and homeless encampments.

From January 2022 to June 28th, 2022, over 28,000 reports have been submitted of homeless encampments throughout the City Of Los Angeles.

According to the City of Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC 56.11), the City of Los Angeles is to maintain clean, sanitary and accessible public areas. In order to maintain clean, sanitary, and accessible public areas, the Los Angeles Sanitation department has been authorized to lead the investigation and removal of encampments.

The City of Los Angeles shares that they conduct outreach to inform homeless residents of the upcoming clean-up efforts and requirements to relocate themselves and their possessions prior to the clean-up date/time, and that all encampment removals are reviewed and approved by the LA Sanitation Cheif Environmental Officer – however, it’s unknown who this individual is, and whether this title is more than just a gimmick to make a for-profit enterprise seam less atrocious, as LASAN doesn’t list a “CEO” on their website, but does list their Cheif Operating Officer and Director.

Even with LASAN deputized to enforce the removal of homeless encampments, and the homeless from the encampments, citizens don’t seem to be getting the desired response. Over 30% of the 311 submissions regarding homeless encampments are duplicates that have already been submitted by others – with some locations having as many as 100+ complaints already.

Address Complaints to-date
8601 N SUNLAND BLVD, 91352 156
12006 W VENICE BLVD, 90066 141
671 S CORONADO ST, 90057 56
859 N LA BREA AVE, 90038 55
333 S OXFORD AVE, 90020 45

According to LASAN, Los Angeles Municipal Code 56.11 protocols will be followed, which may delay the clean-up day but with hundreds of reports submitted for a single location with little to no action taken, citizens are calling on their city to do more.

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