Climate Scientists Bar Entry to Bank, Protest Ends in Arrests

On Wednesday afternoon, LAPD officers were dispatched to respond with riot gear at 7th & Francisco In Downtown Los Angeles, after discovering individuals have locked themselves to Chase Bank. LAPD called for additional traffic control at the scene and the surrounding streets were blocked off until about 5:30 PM. According to individuals involved in the protest, this protest comes after IPCC released a report of climate mitigation opportunities that business and community leaders, and elected officials failed to respond to.

The Chase Bank location was chosen as they’ve been reported to be one of the largest funders and supporter of fossil fuel related projects and expansions. Four of the group leaders, professional climate scientists locked themselves to the front of the Chase bank entrance, blocking entrance or egress throughout the duration of the protest.

According to an LAPD officer on-scene, LAPD officers were able to remove the chain with bolt-cutters and promptly arrested the four scientists who chained themselves to the building. No other arrests at the event have been made.

LAPD riot police were on scene throughout the duration of the protest to enforce compliance and safety, but no means of force were used throughout the event. LAFD also staged nearby in case of medical need, but were not called upon to act. No injuries have been reported.

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