107th Anniversary of Armenian Genocide Sparks Protest

A protest in Beverly Hills broke out today at the Turkish Consulate of Los Angeles after repeatedly unheard demand that the Turkish government acknowledge the genocide and stop its support of Azerbaijan, located in the Republic of Artsakh.

The 107th Anniversary of Armenian Genocide stems back from the mass killing of Armenians by Turkish forces during World War I, but up until last year hasn’t been officially recognized as an act of genocide by any U.S. President.

Pres. Joe Biden released a statement earlier today, reaffirming his stance, and asking for a world “where human rights are respected, where the evils of bigotry and intolerance do not mark our daily lives, and where people everywhere are free to pursue their lives in dignity and security”. 

Additionally in the statement, Biden dived into the history of the past 107 years of Armenian genocide.

Today, we remember the one and a half million Armenians who were deported, massacred, or marched to their deaths in a campaign of extermination, and mourn the tragic loss of so many lives.”

“The American people honor all those Armenians who perished in the genocide that began 106 years ago today,” he concluded.

The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs was quick to put out a statement rejecting and denouncing the statement that Biden made today.

“It is clear that the said statement does not have a scholarly and legal basis, nor is it supported by any evidence. With regards to the events of 1915, none of the conditions required for the use of the term “genocide” that is strictly defined in international law are met.”

Turkey called on Biden to correct [his] grave mistake. Sharing that his statement distorts the historical facts, and will open a deep wound that undermines our mutual trust and friendship.

In addition to Pres. Joe Biden’s statement, Governor Gavin Newsom today issued a proclamation declaring April 24, 2022 as “A Day of Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide” in the State of California.

Thousands of people gathered outside the Turkish consulate today to demand the Turkish government acknowledge the genocide and denouncing its support of its support of Azerbaijan sharing chants

The protest that took place today in Beverly Hill was carried out peacefully, and while Beverly Hills PD was on-scene for traffic control, no police intervention was required of todays event.

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